True Reality©.

Virtual reality 3D real time navigation system

True Reality© is a system totally developed by our company that joins a fascinating technology with high quality graphics.
True Reality© exploits its powerful engine for real-time outstanding simulations, visualizations and explorations of objects or environments (completely rebuilt in three dimensions). Therefore it is possible to virtually navigate as in the most advanced last generation video games. Moreover it is also possible to interact with objects for instance altering colours, materials or other attributes.

True Reality©, with its innovative 3D real-time system, can easily eliminate communication barriers, since its message is based on the universal language of images, which everybody can understand. As a result, it can take dialogue far beyond the limits of mere verbal and traditional communication. This system is really effective whenever you want to show things the eyes can not see or imagining is very tough, such as a project yet to be completed, an object or an environment in different far-away places, or bringing back in life lost things or environments from the past. The possible employments of True Reality© are countless.

Since the software is developed internally, it is also possible to make customizations according to requests.

True Reality© main features:

  • License Free
  • Point of View image exportation (Countless Rendering)
  • Materials, object and environment real time properties modification
  • Object and environment real time animations
  • Light simulations
  • Run on affordable PC/notebook Windows compatible
  • Mobile and impressive low-cost Virtual Room for immersive presentations
  • Easy-to-use user interactions through I/O devices (keyboard, mouse, touch screen, joypad, …)

The production process

Our internal process is strongly reliable with a track record of 100+ projects.

1. Analysis Stage

Data collection (CAD, drawings, …) and requirements
Identification of what has to be represented
Project purpose
Identification of market target
Identification of the project details

Project Estimation

Get in touch with us and we will provide you a free quote.

2. Development & Production Stage

Problem solving regarding requirements
Planning and human resources organization

3. Execution & Post-Production Stage

Lighting simulation
Editing and compositing
Visual effects
Painting and color correction
Software generation and delivery

The applications

True Reality© has been mostly used and appreciated in the following functions.
However application fields and aims are endless.

Design & Production

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Check/Feedback, Approval, Simulation and Client Presentations



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Project Financing, Bank/Investors Presentations and Business Plan



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Integrated Communication, Printing, Web, Video and Presentations



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Client focus and Sale’s Operations


Discover our True Reality case hystories

Here below a short selection of our recent projects.
We hope you will appreciate them as much as we loved them.

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